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💌READ AND GET A GIFT 💝 13 years ago… Hello everyone, I’m Natali and this is my introductory post. Read to the end because I have a gift for you❤️‍🔥 I remember this day quite well, because it finally changed everything. I quit university. While I was living with my parents, I was already tired of the fact that I constantly only owed everyone. For example: Why should I listen to a teacher at school who constantly tried to humiliate me publicly in front of the whole class? Once she asked me to get up, and then she said, "She is a typical example of a mediocre person" (She was a geography teacher). I don't even know how I myself felt at that moment. I can't even find the right word. (In my country, you can't choose the class you want to study, you can't complain either.) That was a moment when I understood that I need to say stop. I’ve done it. The next time, when she was trying to say something to me, I told her to go to hell 🤬I never learned from her again. But of course, you understand I got a low grade at school in geography (🤣geography is the most important thing in life ) What does the university have to do with it? I studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, I was able to enroll myself and studied for free. I thought if I did, then this teacher would take her words back, I thought the attitude in the family would change. It was a mistake. It's great that I asked this question “why” to different areas of my life. The next time I found a second job, my friend allowed me to stay with her, and later I found an apartment. Another couple of months later, I entered another university. I worked in a beauty salon and studied. I quit a steady job, now I do what I want. You cannot imagine what joy my children's smiles cause me, (now I have time for my family)how much energy I get from what I do. I wish that there are no toxic people in your life, and do something you enjoy. So thank you 😊 for your time 💝GIVEAWAY TIME 💝closed ❌ Pro makeup brushes by Beili -15 pcs 1. Like this post and follow me 2. Share ✈️ this post on your story and tag @taliova Winner will be announced September 17th 🤩Congrats @noodle.in.color...

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